House Rules

Dear guest, dear member!

We wish to make you stay in BUNKER as pleasant as possible. To this end, here are a few house rules which we would ask you to follow.

Basically, the guys at the bar have the authority as well as the duty to apply and enforce the club rules on behalf of the LFCD e.V. board. In other words, what the bar staff say goes!

Admission criteria

To be allowed entry to the BUNKER Club, you have to be of age (minimally 18 years old) and male (we reserve the right to carry out identity checks).

There are no other criteria, but we reserve the right to refuse certain people at the door, such as guys who

  • are drunk or show signs of being drunk,
  • are clearly under the influence of drugs,
  • do not have an acceptable degree of personal hygiene,
  • are totally maladjusted.

We also refuse admission to those who do not comply with dress code events.

Refusal of admission at the door needs no explanation!

Dress Code

BUNKER is a dress code club.  The dresscode is determined by the type of event.

The dates and the respective dress codes can be found on the BUNKER website at www. In the “Events” menu, just click on an event and you will see the dresscode details. Conformity with the dresscode is compulsory.  To create the right atmosphere at each event, the dresscode will be rigidly enforced.

Events without a dress code are usually every Friday. (However, do by all means come to those evenings in your fetish gear – but perhaps not in a hand-knitted sweater or with Italian shoes!). We will draw your attention to any inappropriate clothing.

Smoking is permitted throughout the entire club. However, the basement and the rooms in the upper area are mainly intended for cruising and sex.

Cloakroom and valuables

Lockers are provided free-of-charge in the cloakroom. Please use them to safeguard your clothes and valuables. You will be issued with a key at the bar. For the key to your locker, you are solely responsible: if you lose it, you’ll be charged € 50.00. There are also coat rails with hangers at the front of the bar and in the cloakroom. For the loss of personal belongings, we assume no liability.

Please do not take your drink into the basement / darkroom to keep to a minimum the risk of injury to you, other guests and our staff.

PROHIBITED: the carrying and especially the use of photo and video equipment of all kind! This includes communication devices such as smartphones, tablets and such like (please switch them off and store them with your personal belongings in the locker!).

If you’re caught using such a device, you’ll be immediately expelled from the club, and it may lead to a complete expulsion from the Club for good.

We accept no liability for physical, mental, spiritual or other health problems. Play fair, play safe. Use condoms! They are available and free on the bar counter!

The Board of the Leather and Fetish Club Dresden e.V.